Find more about Weather in Krakow, PL

Although the weather in Krakow does tend to be on the milder side, it also has the possibility of being highly unpredictable. There is definitely four different seasons to be enjoyed in Krakow, but how each season turns out in a given year is significantly variable. Even so, there are specific average temperatures for each season, and those average temperatures are evidence of just how mild the weather can be in the city. Adding to that mildness is the fact that there is really very few hours of sunshine in Krakow throughout any given day.

The average high temperatures for the summer months, from June until August, tend to hover in the comfortable low 70s range. Average low temperatures during the summer generally stick the low to mid-50s range. And in the winter months the average high temperatures do not drop much lower than the low to mid- 30s, while the average lows rarely drop below the low 20s. That being said, there is something that all visitors to Krakow Poland must understand before arriving, in order to better prepare for your stay. The way that Krakow is situated puts it in the position to be affected by a number of completely different types of weather systems. It is these two weather systems that can make the weather in Krakow change quickly.

How the Eastern Continental Climate Can Affect Krakow Weather

The continental climate tends to produce dry air, and due to Krakow’s close proximity to Eastern Europe, the city can experience extreme dryness in the air occasionally. If this happens during the summer months the effect will be hotter days, and if this happens during the winter months the days will be much colder.

How the Western Maritime Climate Can Affect Krakow Weather

The maritime weather that Krakow sometimes experiences produces humid air over the Atlantic Ocean and pushes it into the city, producing a different result. Weather systems with these conditions tend to bring with them cooler summer days for Krakow, and warmer winter days for the city.

Northern Africa and the Mediterranean

The weather in Krakow can also vary depending on the how Northern Africa and the Mediterranean weather systems affect the city as well. Air coming from these areas can result in both warmer summers (to the extent of heat waves), and warmer winters as well.

These more extreme weather conditions are rare in the city of Krakow, and you can actually expect your stay to be blessed with mild weather and the conditions to enjoy all that the city has to offer. It doesn’t hurt, though, to check on the weather shortly before your departure so that you can be sure to be prepared for contingencies that could occur and interfere with your good time.