Krakow is a city of many wonders. The beauty that Krakow depicts is so much that no tourist can resist. Warsaw, Poland’s capital is a place that many know far too much about. However, very few know of this other not so secret hidden Polish jewel of Krakow. In Krakow, the possibilities are unlimited. With the numerous attractions, one is guaranteed to have more than adequate to keep then both occupied and entertained. The attractions available for any tourist vary from the beautiful sceneries to the architectural designs, local cuisine and fascinating history. Sampling this variety might take a while hence the need for adequate time planning during these visits.

Visitors with an interest in history will find this city thrilling in numerous ways. Krakow is obviously one of those ancient history rich cities that one has to pay a visit during their Polish holiday. Every part of the city has its own story to tell. This is why one needs to take adequate time to hear the accounts of the whole city. There is also another chance to learn more about this city when one visits the museums. Here they will get to capture a more vivid picture of this charming city and country. A chance to interact with the locals and learn more about the Polish can never be left uncovered.   

Utter disappointment waits if you thought that this city was all about its diverse and interesting history. Hotels and outdoor cafes are another all too familiar spectacle in the city. In these establishments, one gets to be served with among other things the finest of the Polish cuisines. The tantalizing local and international cuisines that are served in most of the restaurants found all over Krakow will keep you hooked to the city. All these together with spectacular museums mean that you will never run out of things to do during your stay.

Krakow has a reputation of being one of the most hospitable places in Poland. The hotels available Krakow ensures that any issue of accommodation is well catered for. Irrespective of the point within or outside the city that you decide to set camp in, you will always find a Krakow hotel that suits your needs. The fact that Krakow is the second largest city does not interfere with the ease of moving around. To commute within or outside the city, one might use hired car services or the public transport.