Krakow Poland is one of the premiere vacation destinations in Poland at any time of year, thanks to the city’s diversity.  Summers are filled with festivals and in the fall the city is absolutely beautiful, but the old buildings in the city make for the perfect backdrop for an old fashioned holiday celebration as well.  And any holiday celebration requires shopping, and there are plenty of shopping options in Krakow. 

The quaintness of the streets and the square will surely put you in the mood to shop for the holidays, and there are lots of great options throughout the city, and a diverse array of different types of items to choose from.  Whether you are looking for something new and unique for someone close to you or something old and traditional as a gift for yourself, you will have plenty of options available in Krakow, as well as in nearby cities too.  But one of the best places to shop for the holidays in Krakow Poland is by far and wide the Krakow Christmas Market.

When you walk through the streets that make up the Krakow Christmas Market, and take in the sights of the traditional buildings and the beautiful falling snow there will be no doubt in your mind that you came to the right place to spend the holidays.  There are numerous stalls that house mini shops along the streets in the square, each offering something different and a little unique.  The shops and the surrounding buildings are adorned with festive lighting and holiday decorations, providing for the most festive experience you could ask for during the holidays.  Lighted Christmas trees add even more to the atmosphere, but one thing that all by itself will put you in the holiday spirit is a delicious glass of mulled wine which you can find along the way.  This is the traditional holiday drink in Krakow, and a holiday vacation must include a glass or two during you stay. 

The Krakow Christmas market also provides for a great opportunity to try Polish food.  You will have the option of trying both traditional Polish food as well as dishes that are traditionally served for the holidays, which will surely enhance your Krakow holiday experience. You could visit Krakow Poland any time of the year and enjoy yourself, but if you want to experience something different and unique then you should definitely visit Krakow during the holidays and pay a visit to the Christmas market.