The Magical Krakow

Krakow is a city of many wonders. The beauty that Krakow depicts is so much that no tourist can resist. Warsaw, Poland’s capital is a place that many know far too much about. However, very few know of this other not so secret hidden Polish jewel of Krakow. In Krakow, the possibilities are unlimited. With the numerous attractions, one is guaranteed to have more than adequate to keep then both occupied and entertained. The attractions available for any tourist vary from the beautiful sceneries to the architectural designs, local cuisine and fascinating history. Sampling this variety might take a while hence the need for adequate time planning during these visits. Continue reading

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Exploring Krakow

When it comes to tourism, the second largest Polish city is unbeatable. Any Polish holiday or vacation should go through Krakow. Otherwise, one can decide to center their whole vacation on Krakow. Irrespective of their choices, one is bound to make lasting memories of their Krakow vacation. With eighteen districts to its portfolio, one can never discount this fascinating tour destination. This vast coverage ensures that one is exposed to more learning and exploitation opportunities. Being a city, Krakow boasts of a very vibrant life and rich history that one can learn, enjoy and be a part of. Continue reading

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The Krakow Christmas Market

Krakow Poland is one of the premiere vacation destinations in Poland at any time of year, thanks to the city’s diversity.  Summers are filled with festivals and in the fall the city is absolutely beautiful, but the old buildings in the city make for the perfect backdrop for an old fashioned holiday celebration as well.  And any holiday celebration requires shopping, and there are plenty of shopping options in Krakow.

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Places to Visit during Your Krakow Vacation

Krakow is one of the largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland. While it may not be the first place that comes to mind in respect of European tours, this place is still one of the best places to visit because of its historical background and its priceless beauty. So, if you are going to Krakow for a vacation, then this list of places will definitely complete your stay in Krakow and make your vacation a memorable one. Here it is. Please take note that it is advisable to wear rubber shoes or any comfortable pair for that matter.

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Krakow Spa Vacationing

Being that the Polish city of Krakow is as big as it is you can be sure that you will have no trouble finding something to do during your stay in the city.  In fact, you will have so much to do when you are there that you are going to want to take some time out for some rest and relaxation.  Fortunately for you and all the other visitors to this wonderful old city there is plenty opportunity for this as well.  Krakow Poland is home to many world-class spas that offer a wide variety of treatments, both traditional and unique.  Some of the spas are located within various Krakow hotels, while others are owned independently, but all offer relaxation opportunities.  Three spas in Krakow in particular are very popular among both locals and visitors.  Taking time to attend one of these wonderful spas will afford you just the relaxation you are looking for.

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