Krakow’s Districts to See

Krakow Poland is a rather large city, with a population of over 700,000.  For visitors this means that the city can be a bit intimidating when it comes to getting out and sightseeing.  Because Krakow is so big it is divided up into 18 individual districts, of which some are simply neighborhoods and others are great for visitors looking for sights to see.  A guide to which districts are which will help you save time when you are in Krakow visiting.

  • Stare Miasto – This is referred to by the locals and visitors as the Old Town, and is the most popular area in Krakow for both locals and those visiting.  Here you will find markets galore and museums and beautiful architectural buildings.
  • Zwierzyniec – Although this is a quieter district in Krakow there is still something to see.  This is where the Camaldolese Monastery sits, which is well worth seeing. Generally in monasteries there tend to be rules about visiting, though, so if you plan to visit be sure to find out what they are before arriving.
  • Debniki – Although this area is generally known for being residential it is home to part of the Jagiellonian University, which is the oldest university in the city.  The university is something that many visitors to Krakow enjoy seeing.
  • Podgorze – Although part of this district overlaps Old Town it is considered a separate district.  Since it sits on the Vistula River this district is worth a visit.  In fact, Podgorze is a great place for walking and cycling.
  • Nowa Huta – Although there is not a ton of sightseeing going on here Nowa Huta has to be mentioned because it is the most populated area in all of the city.  The area also has a particularly rich history, which evidence of can be seen throughout the district.

Although Krakow does consist of 18 different districts, not every one has something for visitors to see.  To be sure, anyone of them will provide a look back into history, but certain districts are more for sightseeing than others.  If you are going to have limited time during your visit to Krakow you will probably want to visit the districts that are more touristy, such as those mentioned above.  But if you feel a little adventurous and have the time on your hands any one of the districts in Krakow is worth seeing.

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