Wodny Park – a water park and much, much more!

If you are searching for something to do in Mokotow that will entertain your kids and provide hours of fun, consider spending some time at Wodny Park.  The park is located on Merliniego Street in the Warsaw suburb of Mokotow.  The aquapark offers high-quality services in a modern sports facility. WodnyParkis one of the most advanced recreational facilities in Poland.  The park uses the highest quality water treatment equipment for the protection and enjoyment of guests.  While your children will love the pools, you can enjoy a massage or a sauna.  The park offers a variety of recreational activities for fun and relaxation.

Olympic swimming pool – The pool ix 50m by 25m and has a dept of 2.1m to 2.3 meters.  Serious swimmers can use the pool to get an excellent workout.  The pool area is set up for competitions with an electronic Omega timekeeper, lighting, sound system, spectators section and special areas for judges, trainers and commentators.  The water is kept at a constant temperature.

Recreational swimming pool – This area is family friendly with paddling pool for children complete with an elephant-shaped slide, artificial river, tube-shaped slides, waterfalls, water cascades and 15m open slide.  Kids of all ages loveWodnyPark’s recreational pools.

Wellness facilities – For adults, the wellness facility is a place to relax, unwind and rejuvenate.  Full body massages relax and release stress while steam baths and saunas help melt away your cares.  You can work on your tan in the facility’s sun beds and stand-up sun booths or relax in the winter garden after enjoying a sauna.  After a steam bath, spend time in the snow room where nozzles spray snow to increase circulation.

Mud baths and Russian banya – WodnyPark is one of the few places where you can enjoy the healing and restorative properties of a mud bath or a Russian banya.  The Russian banya is known for its benefits to the respiratory system and circulatory systems.  Regular use can help lower blood pressure and detoxify the body.

In addition to the above, Wodny Park has squash courts, a bowling alley with six modern lanes, pool tables, fitness equipment, a beauty salon, hairdressing salon and a restaurant.  You and your family can easily spend a day or two enjoying the activities and facilities at Wodny Park.  You can call ahead for times, costs and restrictions.

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