Seeing Krakow Outdoors

There is no doubt that the last thing that people want to do when they visit a city as vibrant and exciting as Krakow is sit inside their hotel room. Fortunate for those people that like to stay on the move at all hours of the day when they are on a vacation, there is plenty to do outdoors in Krakow too. Sure, the city is well-known for its rocking nightlife, but it is also pretty well-known for its beautiful green-spaces throughout the city as well. There are plenty of gardens and parks to take a long leisurely walk through, a beautiful river to sit by and watch the boats come in, and charming streets to stroll down to take in the culture.

Visitors to Krakow, as well as those that live here, have the opportunity to enjoy any one of a number of lovely outdoor spaces. So, if you love to be outdoors and you are planning on taking a trip to Krakow Poland, read on to find out what great places you can spend your time in while you are visiting this wonderful city.

Krakow Green Space


  • Blonia Common – Although not necessarily a park in the literal sense, Blonia Common makes for a great place to get out of the busy part of the city and take a refreshing walk to regroup during your visit. The park has been around for quite some time and has been used for various purposes over time, such as a grazing field for local cattle. The Blonia Common area covers well over an acre of land and consists of mostly meadow still today. Definitely a peaceful place to go to clear your mind.
  • Park Jordana – Another great park to pay a visit to, and one that you can visit in the same trip to visit the National Museum, is Park Jordana. The park lies behind the National Museum, which is just outside of Old Town, and is one of the larger parks in the city. Park Jordana consists of significant green space, a pond, and even a few statues that you can take time to ponder on your way through. If you are going to go looking for parks this one should be near the top of your list.
  • Planty Park – By far the best park in all of Krakow is Planty Park, so you must pay a visit here during your stay in the city. The park dates back to the early 1800s and was preceded by the walls that once surrounded all of the Old Town area. The park covers a massive 52 acre piece of land and has a lot to see. There are 30 individual gardens spread throughout the park and it is home to a number of elaborate fountains and monuments that celebrate Krakow history. You get more than a park when you visit Planty Park, so even if you did not plan on visiting parks during your stay, you should definitely visit this one anyway.


  • The Jozef Mehoffer House Garden – Although a smaller garden, the garden at the Jozef Mehoffer House is a beautiful garden worth seeing. The award-winning garden has been preserved for years, along with the mansion that Mehoffer called home that also sits on the property, so the history alone makes it worth seeing. Visiting the mansion and walking through the garden is a wonderful way to spend a day.
  • The Krakow Botanical Gardens – Botanical gardens are always fun to see and Krakow has a wonderful one. The Krakow Botanical Gardens are housed inside one of the world’s oldest universities, which itself is something to see. The garden, located at the Jagiellonian University, is filled to the brim with all kinds of flowers and plants. And if you go on the right day you may even end up visiting during one of the many events held at the garden, which makes it even more fun to see.


  • The Wolski Woods – The Wolski Woods, or Las Wolski as it is called locally, is like a forest and a park all in one, with an extra surprise too. In the center of the park like forest there is a petting zoo that can be enjoyed by both adults as well as kids. The small zoo features guinea pigs, ponies, rabbits, donkeys, and goats and is a charming place to spend an afternoon.

Although there are many reasons for visiting Krakow Poland, and many people visit the city with other types of activities in mind, many get here and realize what the great outdoors has to offer to. Since you already know about a few of the fantastic outdoor spaces in the city you can plan a visit prior to your arrival, so that you know you will have time to utilize one of these spaces during your trip to relax and unwind.