There is much to be enjoyed in the city of Krakow, both during the day and when the sun goes down, but one of the most enjoyable things to do in the city is spend some time in Krakow’s Old Town and Market Square.  People have been gathering here to socialize and sell their wares since the 13th century, making it not only one of the largest medieval style town squares in all of Europe, but also one of the oldest as well.  This is the reason so many visitors to the city pay a visit to the area, because it is truly something to see.  And shopping is not the only thing you can do in the Old Town Market Square.  There are any number of activities that you can get involved in on any given day when you visit Old Town.  For instance you could take a horse-drawn carriage ride or visit the Town Hall Tower.  Old Town is also where the Sukiennice is located, which is both an architectural wonder that you can tour, as well as the home of a market where items are sold by locals.  You will find a number of other museums in the area as well, all significant to Krakow’s history.  And the buildings that the museums are housed are themselves something worth seeing. 

During certain times of year there are festivals held in the Old Town Market Square.  Attending such events during your stay in Krakow will give you a unique perspective of the people and the culture.  And there is no better place to experience the culture of Krakow than one of the most historically significant areas in the city.  There is also the park that runs the whole perimeter of Old Town that is a popular spots for festivities and entertainment, in the summer months particularly.

No discussion of Old Town would be complete without mentioning the many eating establishments that fill the area.  Whether you are looking for traditional Polish food or something international, you will find something to suit your taste in the Old Town area.  But, although there is plenty of selection, you must not leave Old Town without stopping off at one of the many bagel shops in the area, as this is one of the city’s specialties.

You definitely have enough to do in Krakow Old Town to make a day of your visit there.  And visiting there is a great way to get to know the wonderful city that you are in.