When it comes to tourism, the second largest Polish city is unbeatable. Any Polish holiday or vacation should go through Krakow. Otherwise, one can decide to center their whole vacation on Krakow. Irrespective of their choices, one is bound to make lasting memories of their Krakow vacation. With eighteen districts to its portfolio, one can never discount this fascinating tour destination. This vast coverage ensures that one is exposed to more learning and exploitation opportunities. Being a city, Krakow boasts of a very vibrant life and rich history that one can learn, enjoy and be a part of.

With so much to see during the Krakow vacation, one will need to strategically plan out their time. If not they run the risk of eventually leaving without having had a complete experience of what this city has on offer. An energetic atmosphere should be expected as this is a major city in the country. This lively environment is a preferred phenomenon for tourists who prefer such surroundings. This does not mean that one cannot have some laidback time. One gets to enjoy the pleasure of peaceful time in the outdoor parks and forests. This is also another ideal place for nature lovers as they get to interact with nature the best way they know.  

It is usually an unwritten tourism tradition that one needs to sample the local cuisine and learn more on the history of where they are visiting. This should not be an exception or problem for those visiting Krakow. Despite this being a city there are numerous restaurants that offer the very best Polish dishes one can ever ask. The Old Town is an historical embodiment that is a must visit during a Krakow holiday. One can also visit the museum to learn more on the culture and history of Krakow. The other activity that can be carried out during the day is shopping around the city’s shops.

During the entire Krakow stay one will need to be hosted somewhere. The pressure on accommodation is eased during the stay as this is effectively catered for. With perfect distribution and affordable pricing, one will always get a hotel where they want at friendly rates. Transportation within the city can either be through a rented car, public transport or biking. The advantage of biking is the fact that sightseeing is easier. Public transport is recommended for those who do not prefer hiring a car.