For many people who travel to different cities one of the many things that they seek to enjoy is the city’s nightlife, and those that visit Krakow Poland are in for a delightful surprise.  There are well over 100 different places to choose from if you plan to go out at night in this lively city, which include clubs, pubs, bars, and cafes catering to the nightlife.  In fact, the Old Town area of the city boasts more nightlife establishments per square mile than anywhere else in the entire world.  Knowing that, surely you can predict that there will likely be many parties going on when you visit Krakow.  The problem will be deciding which establishments host your kind of party and which establishments to go to.  A guide to Krakow nightlife will do wonders in helping you choose.

The Most Happening Districts in Krakow

Old Town – By far the most happening district in Krakow is Old Town, and not just because it has the most alcohol serving establishments in the entire city, although this does help.  You can find a wide variety of establishments here, and some of the best in Krakow.  You would actually be amazed at how many places there really are, because not only are there establishments that you can easily spot at street level, but there are also plenty of additional watering holes beneath them.  And trust me, you will not be minimally amazed at cool the underground establishments are, with the high ceiling and medieval atmosphere.  There are a few specifically that many visitors and local pay visits to.

  • Pod Jaszczurami – This is the place to be if you are of the student age and are visiting Krakow for whatever reason.  The décor and atmosphere are something surely of another age, and the wide variety of Polish music genres featured here will give you a very unique look at Krakow culture, and Krakow life in general.  Adding to the ambiance is the showcase of films shown here that are directed by well-known Polish directors.  Although this is a more mellow nighttime watering hole, it is one to add to your list if a mellow atmosphere if what you seek. 
  • Piec’ Art – If you are a jazz fan then Piec Art is the place in Old Town where you need to be.  This too is a laid-back cellar bar with a great atmosphere and an even better selection of beer.  The establishment is known as one of the best places in Europe to catch a jazz show.  If you are into more mellow establishments then you could definitely spend your entire evening here.
  • Goraczka Freak Club – If a real party is what you are looking for then the Goraczka Freak Club is definitely the place for you.  The club is located on a “cobbler’s street” in Old Town and features a variety of dance music.  The club is open every day and the party lasts until late.

Kazimierz – Kazimierz is the second most popular nightlife area in Krakow and, although it does not have as many establishments as Old Town, it does have plenty and just as rich a history.  The area has a mixture of establishments at which to begin your night, as well as those at which you can party all night long.  A list of a few of the best will help you choose from the extended list of great places in Kazimierz to spend your night.

  • Tajemniczy Ogrod – Also known as the Secret Garden, Tajeemniczy Ogrod is an interesting place to say the least.  The atmosphere is quiet and laid-back but the bar itself is a vibrant display of pagan style.  This is a great place to start or spend you evening.
  • Pozytywka – Although another quieter place, Pozytywka still makes for a great place to spend your evening.  This is one of the more modern haunts in Krakow, great for students and the more eccentric artsy types.  The minimalist atmosphere does not take away from the excitement of the bar at nighttime.
  • Mechanoff – This is one of the more unusual places to go in Krakow in the evenings, with a unique atmosphere all its own.  And the great thing about this place is that you can also get a bite to eat, which is unusual in many of Krakow’s nighttime haunts.

There are almost 200 nighttime venues to choose form in Krakow and no way that we could ever cover all of them, or even most, or even a fraction.  Your best bet is to start at one of these places and then you can talk to the locals and get even more ideas.  Either way you will definitely enjoy your night out during your stay in Krakow.