Cultural Activities in Krakow

Krakow Poland is a city that is rich with culture, so much so that everywhere you turn there will be something cultural to do or see. Between the annual festivals that are held throughout the year, the museums, and the art galleries that are spread around the city, it doesn’t matter when you go or where you stay, you will not be lost for something involving culture to do. Of course you may decide that there is a certain time of year that you want to visit based on a certain festival taking place or certain activities going on, but whenever you go you will have plenty of culture to take in.

For those that do not know much about the wonderful city of Krakow some information about the cultural sights and activities will help in planning a more cultural visit to the city. In fact, those that have been to Krakow before may even find something they missed. There are a few festivals and museums that tend to particularly stick out to tourists wanting to learn more about Krakow, Poland, and the cultures of both the city and the country.

Cultural Festivals – Festivals can really help visitors get to know a city and its people, and fortunately for visitors to Krakow there are plenty of festivals held throughout the year. Some of the festivals are essentially just huge parties, while others celebrate Polish culture and history. The latter will help you really get to know the country that you are visiting, and if that is your intention then there are few specifically that you may consider going to.

  • Krakow Film Festival – Film festivals are always a good time and the one in Krakow is no different. The focus of the Krakow Film Festival are documentaries and shorter and animated films, and include both Polish and international works. Films are screened for festival goers’ viewing entertainment and prizes are awarded. If you love film then May or June is when you want to visit Krakow.
  • Festival of Polish Music – A great way to get to know any culture is through their music and you will have the perfect opportunity to do so in Krakow is you visit during the Festival of Polish Music, held in November of every year. All types of Polish music are featured, starting with the Middle Ages and right up to the 20th century.
  • Krakow Szopka (Nativity Cribs Festival) – If you have the opportunity to visit Krakow during the holiday season then you will be there for the Krakow Szopka, or the Nativity Cribs Festival. This affords the opportunity to see the nativity scenes crafted by participants, often depicting buildings found throughout Krakow.
  • International Soup Festival – Finally, if you love culture and love food then the International Soup Festival is a great way to get a little of both. The festival is held in May and features international chefs and their soups. Not only will you have a great time, but you will get to try some great Polish soups too.

Museums – The city of Krakow, thought by some to be Poland’s culture capital, is home to almost 30 different museums. Museums range from art to history to science and technology, so it doesn’t matter what kind of culture seeker you are, you will find something to that suits your curious side in Krakow. To really experience Krakow culture, though, there are a few museums you must definitely put on your to-see list.

  • The National Museum – The National Museum in Krakow is one branch of many throughout Poland. The museum features a number of permanent collections, including the Gallery of the Twentieth Century Polish Art and a Stanislaw Wyspianski collection. This is a great museum to visit if you are interested in Polish art.
  • The Czartoryski Museum – There are many exhibits worth seeing in the Czartotyski Museum but most notable are paintings by Leonardo and Rembrandt. Although the museum did not originate in Krakow, the fact that it has been moved around and much of the collection lost makes it an interesting museum to visit.
  • The Historical Museum of Krakow – For Polish culture seekers a visit to the Historical Museum of Krakow is a must. The museum has been around since 1899, although not technically a museum until 1945. Featured are a variety of items, including but not limited to art. You will also find photographs and old maps of the city.
  • The Polish Aviation Museum – Finally, another museum worth seeing is the Polish Aviation Museum. The museum is definitely a source of pride for the city, and the exhibits are something to see. This museum is also great for visitors with kids tagging along, but there is also plenty for adults to see.

There are plenty of cultural activities in Krakow to keep you busy for a week. These are some of the must-sees but there are plenty more festivals and museums that you might want to take time to visit. Because getting to know a city means getting to know the culture of the people that live in it.