Good Eats, Polish Specialties, and Eating on the Cheap

If you ask any traveler what one of their favorite things about traveling to international cities is, many of them will tell you that one of things is trying the cities local cuisine. Krakow has many restaurants to choose from, some serving international cuisine and some serving national specialties. A week vacation means a lot of eating out, so there is plenty of opportunity to try a little bit of everything that the city has to offer. And a guide to eating in Krakow will help you choose what and where you want to eat while you are visiting this vibrant city.

Polish Specialties – When you visit Krakow Poland there is no doubt that you must try some of the country’s specialties. Poland is known for making dishes that include eggs and cream. And some of the more popular dishes to look for include pierogies, kielbasa, golonka, zrazy, and herring. All of these dishes are indigenous to Poland and perfect for those interested in trying traditional Polish cuisine.

The people of a country tend to take special care and great pride when preparing indigenous foods, so you can be sure that a trip to a Krakow restaurant serving Polish cuisine will be a special treat. There are a few places in particular that go above and beyond the rest when it comes to Polish eats.

  • Ambasada Sledzia – Located in the center of the city, Ambasada Seldzia is a great place to get simpler Polish cuisine. This is a favorite of locals because it also has cheap beer, but the establishment is also known for its herring tapas, a popular Polish specialty.
  • BaniaLuka – This is a great restaurant for both beer and Polish cuisine, and it is special for a particular reason. BaniaLuka is one of the few restaurant/bars in the city that allow you to pay one price for all the food you eat and all the drinks you drink. This is great for tourists because it allows you to try many different Polish specialties.
  • Cechowa – If you are looking for a more elegant, quieter restaurant to try Polish cuisine then Cechowa is where you want to be. The Polish dishes are more on the classic side, such as white sausage and apple pie and Krakow herring, and the restaurant is also known for its Polish sweet treats.
  • Florianska – Another more elegant option for Polish cuisine is Florianska, a restaurant known not only for its cuisine but it excellent service as well. In addition to Polish cuisine Florianska also serves a variety of international dishes, but to get the most enjoyable experience out of the restaurant you should definitely try some of their Polish specialties.
  • Miod i Wino – If you are looking for a laid-back, friendly place with a great atmosphere to experience a classic Polish meal, then Miod i Wino is the place. You can enjoy a classic hunter’s stew or fried perch in a surprisingly fitting atmosphere that is ideal for a family meal.

Eating on the Cheap – On trips to other cities eating out can get pretty expensive, so it is always good to know where there are a few casual, more inexpensive restaurants to eat at. Some of the more popular inexpensive food choices in Krakow include pizza, bagels, and sandwiches and there are plenty of great places serving all of the above. A few places you might want to try include Gosciniec Pod Zamkiem (serving a great lunch special for fairly cheap), Dynia Resto Bar (known for its lighter menu and eclectic combinations), Cyklop (one of the best pizza places in Krakow), and Bagelmama (a great place to get a wide variety of bagels and wine). Although you will surely want to go out for a fine dining experience while in Krakow, at least some of the time you will want to eat cheaper, and these are great options for those times.

Five Great International Restaurants in the City – In addition to trying Polish cuisine you will likely want to eat international foods too. With well over 100 restaurants in the city you should have no problem. Here are five you could try, depending what kind of food you are in the mood for.

  • Bombaj Tandoori – This is an Indian restaurant serving a wide variety of excellent curry dishes. In addition the restaurant is known for its selection of draft Polish beers.
  • Al dente – Al dente is a great Italian restaurant, with an Italian chef, serving authentic Italian meals. In addition this restaurant also serves pizza, offering a cheaper option too.
  • Alebriche – This is one of Krakow’s few Mexican restaurants and is a great place to eat. In fact, Alebriche is particularly popular with visitors to the city.
  • Hellada – For Greek cuisine this is the place to be. There are a wide range of Greek dishes served, in addition to Greek wines and a great atmosphere.
  • Alrina – For Mediterranean cuisine there is no better place than Alrina. The restaurant is housed in a ship that is docked on the river and that dates back to 1889.

There are many great places to eat in Krakow, whether you want authentic Polish cuisine or international foods. And exploring the dining options in a city really helps you to get to know the people and the culture, which is the whole point of visiting.