Car Rental

Krakow Poland is a rather big city with much to see, and although many of the sights that you will want to see during your visit will be within the downtown area and walking distance, there are sights that you will not be able to get to by foot that you should see as well. To be sure, Krakow does have an excellent public transportation system that can get you to many places, including both a train and buses, but you may still need a vehicle to get you to at least one or two places that you want to go.

You could always rent a bike or a motorcycle, but the general consensus of travelers who wish to explore is that that they prefer to be in a vehicle when in places in which they know very little bit about getting around, particularly so if you are traveling with children. Before you secure a car rental, though, there are a couple of things about car rentals in Krakow that you should know.

  1. If Renting from the Airport Book Ahead of Time – As with any almost any airport in the world, the car rental services within are generally pretty busy. For this reason it is not a good idea to wait until you get there to try to rent a vehicle, or you could be sadly disappointed. Not only will you possibly not get a vehicle, but if you do get one it may take a while to process the transaction and your choices will likely be limited. You can get right to enjoying all that Krakow has to offer if you plan for a vehicle in advance of your arrival.
  2. Local Rental Companies are Cheaper Than the National Companies – Although you may consider going with what you know and renting from one of those big name national rental companies, it may pay to look at some of the local rental companies as well. There are a number of them throughout the city and many charge cheaper rates than the bigger name companies. You will have to check with the company you call though in order to ensure that the rental agency will pick you up if you are not close. If not, then a big company may be your only rational choice.

You may not necessarily need a rental car while visiting Krakow, but it doesn’t hurt to do a little research just in case you do decide to get out and around beyond the city. This way you will be sure not to let the absence of a rental vehicle make you miss anything.